Arlington National Cemetery Research Paper

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ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY As the birds are singing their sweet melody, the terrain of Arlington National Cemetery is filled with sadness. Although the brilliant rays of the sun are shining through the thick treetops, there is a chill in the air. While watching the mourners, the feeling of their sorrow is all too real. Thousands of headstones in the far distance create a magnificent maze against the horizon. The immense land has very little room to spare as it is overflowing with graves of heroic soldiers. This is one of the most sacred places in America. Each year heros are laid to rest here. Families across the nation visit Arlington throughout the year to pay respect to the heros. History Of Arlington One of the most important…show more content…
The current number of graves at Arlington National Cemetery is 400,000. Funerals, including interments and inurments, average between 27-30 per day. The cemetery conducts approximately 6,900 burials each year. In effort not to turn people away from the honor of being buried there, expansion projects have been proposed, fought for, adjusted and finalized. One day, though , the Arlington Cemetery will indeed fill up. When that day comes the graves, the fallen service members and the trees that gave survived it all will remain. Throughout history there have been many terrible battles. Arlington National Cemetery was built to show respect to the fallen heroes who have served for our country. There are over 400,000 heros buried there, over the years millions of people have visited this special place. There are approximately thirty funerals a day. There are also some important women buried there not just men. If you visit Arlington National Cemetery, when you go you should respect the soldiers who have lost their lives for
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