What It Means To Be A Soldier Analysis

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We don 't typically stop to think about our freedom, it is something most of us are guilty of taking for granted. Even when our freedom is brought to our attention, it is only a brief thought quickly pushed to the back of our minds. Most of us are too focused on our own hardships and shortcomings. However, there are a select few who have come to the realization that this freedom is a highly valued prize. These are the people that fight our battles for us because they value the safe haven that our country is. These people are soldiers. Those who serve our country always have,and always will stand as role model for me. The way that they are able to risk their lives shows a bravely that I can only hope to one day have. When you are watching the news and you hear about the soldiers who throw themselves over grenades, you realize how much bravery that soldiers must have. It 's not just the soldiers throwing themselves on top of expositions to save other who deserves to be recognized as heroes, it 's about all of the small sacrifices they make everyday that show how truly brave our soldiers are. …show more content…

Arlington Cemetery is a very beautiful place with a very tragic purpose. It would be nice to think that everyone who served our country got to live happily ever after, but sadly that is not the case. There are many soldiers who make the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives to protect our country. I feel that it is the saddest when the soldiers aren 't able to be identified and sent home to be buried. The soldiers who were unidentifiable they still mean something to someone. They are not to be forgotten. I think that Arlington cemetery is a beautiful monument that represents not just the unknown soldiers who served our country but also all of the sacrifices that other soldiers made as

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