Essay On Veterans Day

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Veterans Day is distinct from most holidays. It is something that should hold true to everyone’s heart. No matter if you personally are a veteran or not, chances are you know someone that is. On November 11th, we celebrate all the wonderful things that military veterans have done for us in protecting our country. The United States set aside this day to honor our veterans, however we should honor them as much and as often as possible. Soldiers give up so much for us, the least we can do is honor their bravery and selflessness. While they are away at war they don’t get to see their family. Imagine being gone for several months and not being permitted to see your loved ones. Then when they do come back home many of them are injured or suffer …show more content…

Some have experienced what it is like to lose a loved one first hand. Others have only heard stories of what it is like for a family member to pass away. No matter what your background is, Veterans Day should be a significant date for you to remember. It is a day reserved for mourning the men and women lost in battle. It is also a day to celebrate all the people that have dedicated their lives to protecting our country. This day is a time of love, sorrow, and history as we honor the veterans who served for our great nation. All my life my school has hosted a program on Veterans Day. This assembly has always been one of my favorite parts of the year. When you enter the room, it feels like an ordinary day. But by the time you leave you feel like a true American. Veterans Day is a time where all citizens come together to celebrate all the remarkable things military personnel do for us. As a country, we unite together on this special holiday. Veterans Day is a celebration made to honor all the people that have served in the armed forces. These men and women deserve our utmost respect. As they were willing to risk things we were not willing to risk. They are the reason that we are a free country. That is why everyone should honor our soldiers and celebrate them on not only Veterans Day, but every day of the

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