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  • Emerging Issues In Gerontology

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    3EP3 Term Paper Emerging issues in the field of Geriatrics Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Gerontology as “the comprehensive multidisciplinary study of aging and older adults”. In other words, Gerontology is a study that focuses on old people and their process of aging. Many get confused between Gerontology and Geriatrics. They are two different streams of science. Gerontology, aside from science also incorporates psychology, sociology and other streams of study. While Geriatrics is strictly the

  • Biomedical Gerontology Case Study

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    phenomenon of aging is studied by Gerontology. Gerontology is

  • Continuity Theory In Social Gerontology

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    Leisure Leisure is one area in which two of the theories within social gerontology are reflected. As mentioned in the summary of the data, some of the respondents carry their social activities from the past into old age. On the other hand, some of them seem to not be able to participate due to physical limitations. One interesting example of the first is Stefanía who has been seeking active social participation by going to the public swimming pool. As the continuity theory suggests, individuals

  • Career Background In Gerontology

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    given. As people advance into their years of adulthood, they go through changes in their physical, cognitive, and psychosocial abilities. This all comes from the field of gerontology, the study of aging through the physical, mental, and social implications of how an individual lives his or her life. A background in gerontology will expand our overall understanding of the aging process and open up possibilities to counter it. As a future nurse practitioner, I will be working directly with individuals

  • The Four Sociological Theories Of Disengagement Theory

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    Disengagement theory is a concept originally proposed by two social scientists, William Henry and Elaine Cumming in 1961 (Disengagement Theory, 2014) who were keen on studying the ageing process. According to their theory, the disengagement theory implies that in every society, the elderly undergo a process of adjustment in which they eventually leave important public roles and narrow their social world to family and friends. As people age, they tend to grow more fragile are prone to withdraw from

  • Biological Aging Process

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    Gerontology overlaps with numerous other fields such as physiology, psychology and sociology hence it is multidisciplinary in nature. Gerontologists view aging in terms of four distinct processes: chronological aging, biological aging, psychological aging,

  • Negative Essay On Aging

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    Aging, is it a friend or a foe? Where did you see yourself when you turn the old age? It is easy for us to point out an aging person, but it is not that easy to define what aging is. What comes to your mind first when you hear the word aging? Is it a process? A disease? Or a phenomenon that naturally happens in your body? Aging reflects all the changes that occur over the course of life. Meaning to say, all the changes that happening in our body as we age like graying hair, sagging skin, blurring

  • Elderly Care In Society

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    LEVEL OF CARE GIVEN TO THE ELDERLY IN OUR SOCIETIES Significance of the concept Elderly care is the fulfilment of the special needs and requirements that are unique to senior citizen (Wikipedia, 2016). It can simply be defined as the care given to the aged or elderly, sick or well to carry out their daily activities. Elderly care lay more emphasis on the social and personal requirement of the aged who need some form of assistance in the daily lives and healthcare services in order to age gracefully

  • The Influence Of Old Age

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    “Old age has not only changed over time but has also varied among different cultures.” This phrase is an indicator by Hareven (2005), that old age is socially constructed and not simply a natural phenomenon. There are many ways and different adjectives one could use to describe the elderly. If one had to ask the younger generation to give out terms to describe the older generation, the majority would probably choose rather negative ones, like ‘helpless’, ‘lonely’ or ‘frail’. On the other hand,

  • Aging Population Issues

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    Aging is considered to be a worldwide phenomenon and there has been analysis conducted regarding certain issues and formulation of strategies regarding aging. In this research paper, attempt has been made to look into the issues and strategies of the aging population. The main areas of this paper are aging of the global population, health of the elderly in winter season, marital status of the elderly, living arrangements among the elderly, and role of criminal justice functionaries and NGOs in the

  • The Red Flag In The Monkey's Paw

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    There are many red flags in The Monkey’s Paw, like the story only taking place at the White’s home. Another red flag is that there is not a lot of information about each character, for example, how they look like, what they do etc. We know the family is not well off because Mr. White wishes for money, which gives us a bit of context, yet not enough. This leads to the other red flag dialogue, most of the story is just the characters talking about what is going on. Furthermore, there is no main character

  • Reflective Essay About My Family

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    Reflective essay I don’t have much conscious memory about my mother and father separating, as I was extremely young. I guess you could say I am thankful for this now. However I do remember my mother hysterically crying one night and during one of their quarrels. My mother and father now tell me that this memory has been fabricated. They never fought when I was near, they say. I love both my parents equally and always have. They made a choice that they thought was best for me. I do not disagree with

  • Disadvantages Of Smartphones In Healthcare

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    To say that technology has improves the overall quality and effectiveness of healthcare is an understatement. Technology greatly benefits many aspects of our lives on a day to day basis and its impact on the healthcare industry is no different. Things like social media and especially the use of smartphones have allowed for advancements in healthcare because of the numerous benefits they offer us, when used properly and for the right reasons that is. The advancements in technology have allowed the

  • Foreshadowing In A Rose For Emily

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    The Role for Foreshadowing: “A Rose for Emily” Foreshadowing is a major element that serves as a key in story-telling specifically William Faulkner’s writing. Male author, William Faulkner, wrote “A Rose for Emily,” is one of many literary works that foreshadowing plays an instrumental role in. William Faulkner is effective in his numerous instances of foreshadowing that build suspense, create a dark and sinister theme, and emphasize irony. The first way Faulkner’s work displays the use of foreshadowing

  • Why Holidays Are Important

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    Yes, holidays are important. Holidays not only give break from monotonous routine but also energy to restart the work. Holidays make you feel better and give a break from same routine. 105. Do you think your country needs more holidays? No I do not think so as our country already has many holidays in a year. 106. Do you have enough holidays during the year? Yes, every month there are two or three holidays so I have enough holidays. 107. Do we need more holidays? It depends actually; personally I

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cosmetic Surgery

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    COSMETIC SURGERY SHOULD BE BANNED IN THE PHILLIPINES; SAY NO TO COSMETIC SURGERY Cosmetic surgery became more popular nowadays, especially to the women out there. They became obsessed to cosmetic surgery to achieve the perfection they want to have. They don’t realize their uniqueness since they believe that they are not accepted by the society. They don’t realize that they just surmise of that without knowing the real BEAUTY, which comes from within. According to Mayo Clinic staff “Cosmetic Surgery

  • The Death Of The Moth Virginia Woolf Analysis

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    The Death of the Moth Virginia Woolf is one of the most famous novelists of the 20th century. She has been using the metaphors and allusions throughout her writing career. She used the themes of love and life, boredom and death, nature and growing up, to show how different we all are. At the same time, by demonstrating these differences, Woolf highlighted that we all are struggling with being unique. Her whole life she had been busy with finding herself, not trying to disturb the others. She was

  • Jane Eyre And Wide Sargasso Sea Analysis

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    Charlotte Bronte, who wrote Jane Eyre, was a great British female novelist in the Victorian age. She was born in a desolate village where people were rough, cold and cruel. Her mother passed away when she was a little girl and her father was a stern man who had very little communication with her like a stranger (“Charlotte Bronte” 158). When Bronte was eight years old, she had her first experience away from home at the Clergy Daughters' School for poor clergymen's daughters with her two sisters

  • Disengagement Theory

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    The influence of two major theories relating to health and social care provisions This assignment will be evaluating how the two major theories of aging (disengament and activity theory) influence health and social care provisions. As people age they can age in different ways, some people may be effected by their physical health and their oppurtin ities become restricted. because of this they socially withdraw and disengage themseleves becoming independent and in some case defined and an invidual

  • The Hunger Games: Book Analysis

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    “You see an elderly person, and you want to congratulate them on their longevity, ask the secret of survival.”(Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games). This line from Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games reflects on how life is in the world of Panem. The fact that people commend elders for surviving so long definitely says something about the true colors of the book. Some may tell you that this book centers on how corruptness in the government is bad, that it is a story of rebellion against those higher