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  • Gerontology Chapter 13 Outline

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    Chapter 13 was all about the elderly and their place in society. Gerontology is the study of elderly people and the hardships people are faced with once they start aging. More specifically Social gerontology is a subclass of Gerontology that specializes in in what changes a person makes in society once they start aging into the later years. Industrialization is believed to be one of the causes of elderly people losing superiority and power in society. What once was wisdom and knowledge that defined

  • Essay On Social Gerontology

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    Leisure Leisure is one area in which two of the theories within social gerontology are reflected. As mentioned in the summary of the data, some of the respondents carry their social activities from the past into old age. On the other hand, some of them seem to not be able to participate due to physical limitations. One interesting example of the first is Stefanía who has been seeking active social participation by going to the public swimming pool. As the continuity theory suggests, individuals

  • Biomedical Gerontology Case Study

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    phenomenon of aging is studied by Gerontology. Gerontology is

  • Social Gerontology Website Analysis

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    it is so much easier to understand the problems the elderly encounter when they get old. The website breaks down the symptoms step by step which I find interesting to read. Although the websites do not go deeper into the subjects like the Social gerontology textbook, it does cover the major points and that is the only thing that matter. I see the websites as a mini version of the textbook because they have a lot of similarity. All of the websites talk about senior center and how the government funds

  • Gerontology Chapter 14 Summary

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    Chapter fourteen was based on the personal context of later life, which pretty much means we learned about older individuals lives. Another way to describe a good amount of this chapter is by classifying it as gerontology which is the study of ageing. The number of older individuals are increasing significantly, people are living longer thanks to medical and technological advancements. As we age there are two main factors that cane effect our life expectancy, genetic and environmental. Genetic is

  • Field Study Gerontology

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    given. As people advance into their years of adulthood, they go through changes in their physical, cognitive, and psychosocial abilities. This all comes from the field of gerontology, the study of aging through the physical, mental, and social implications of how an individual lives his or her life. A background in gerontology will expand our overall understanding of the aging process and open up possibilities to counter it. As a future nurse practitioner, I will be working directly with individuals

  • Issues In Geriatrics

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    3EP3 Term Paper Emerging issues in the field of Geriatrics Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Gerontology as “the comprehensive multidisciplinary study of aging and older adults”. In other words, Gerontology is a study that focuses on old people and their process of aging. Many get confused between Gerontology and Geriatrics. They are two different streams of science. Gerontology, aside from science also incorporates psychology, sociology and other streams of study. While Geriatrics is strictly the

  • Slipped Disc In Gerontology

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    A slipped disc occurs when the circle of connective tissue surrounding the disc breaks down. This allows the soft, gel-like part of the disc to swell and protrude out. A slipped disc is a cartilaginous disc between vertebrae in the spine that is displaced or partly protruding, pressing on nearby nerves and causing back pain or sciatica. A slipped disc – known as a prolapsed or herniated disc – occurs when one of the discs that sit between the bones of the spine (the vertebrae) is damaged and presses

  • Ageism In Healthcare

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    The aim of this essay is to explore the impact of ageism within healthcare, on patients, safety, quality and healthcare teams. Strategies, principles and theories to help combat the negative outcomes caused by ageist behaviour will also be discussed. Butler defines ageism as prejudices and stereotypes that are applied to older people based on their age (2012) Ageism, like racism and sexism, is a way of pigeonholing people and not allowing them to be individuals with unique ways of living their lives

  • Biological Aging Process

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    Gerontology overlaps with numerous other fields such as physiology, psychology and sociology hence it is multidisciplinary in nature. Gerontologists view aging in terms of four distinct processes: chronological aging, biological aging, psychological aging,

  • The Disengagement Theory

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    disengagement theory, mentioning that empirical observations does not justify the theory. The disengagement theory was discredited by social scientists and gerontologists due to the conflict of theory and negative views regarding old age. Modern gerontology argued that the disengagement theory is debateable and was disagreed amongst many. Critics pointed out that every so often, this disengagement is enforced rather than a voluntary or natural aging process. In addition, it was vastly controversial

  • Micro-Arraying

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    Geronto-gene, Longevity, DNA microarray Introduction The Aging process takes place in a cell or an organ or the total organism with the passage of time. Studying the psychological, social and biological aspects of aging process is known as Gerontology. Gerontology can be expressed in mainly three aspects that can be Longevity (span of life of an organism), Aging (sequential or progressive change in an organism that leads to an increased risk of debility and disease), and Death. There are many questions

  • Aging Stereotypes

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    No matter how old you are, everyone has a purpose. Aging is a topic of discussion that has been started to be studied more due to the aging population that has surfaced. Ageism refers to “the negative attitudes, stereotypes, and behaviours directed toward older adults based solely on their perceived age”. There are so many fictional representations of later life and these are what perpetuate serotypes of aging. The topic of aging has been something that I am extremely passionate about as I feel that

  • Cumulative Advantages And Disadvantage Theory

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    advantage/disadvantage theory has connections with age because both are related to the passage of time. These connections have led to the further exploration, elaboration and application of the cumulative advantage/disadvantage perspective in social gerontology, in relation to issues of heterogeneity and inequality since past few decades. However, the origins, connections, and implications of cumulative advantage/disadvantage theory are still not widely understood. Therefore, this paper will make an attempt

  • Aging Of Study Essay

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    However, for Llya llyich Mechbikon, the gerontology is coined the study of the social, psychological, cognitive and biological aspects of aging. It is distinguished from geriatrics, which is the branch of the medicine that specializes in the treatment of existing disease in older adults. The above two important statements tell us that one of the features of gerontology is multidisciplinary, which means that it is not a dependent subject but relates to other

  • Senior Pain Management

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    Senior Care and Pain Management One of the fears of growing old is that chronic pain will be a part of everyday life. While many seniors do deal with pain as a complication of illness or injury, pain is not a normal part of aging and does not need to be so. There are two major categories of pain: acute pain and chronic pain. Acute pain is pronounced and has a short duration. This type of pain is the body 's way of telling you there is something wrong. Acute pain is a sign that you may need to

  • Aging Policy In America Essay

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    Aging policy in America has caused on three domains of security for elders: economic security, health security, and functional security (Chernof, 2011). In the years to follow the crisis of the aging Americans, will need comprehensive intervention that will impact older Americans and what’s really in it for Elders. In devising a plan to ensure that the planners, government, private agencies, health care and service organizations are all devoted to providing and caring for the aging. Significant demographic

  • What Is The Theme Of Aging Issues In Last Vegas

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    ‘Last Vegas’ is a film about longtime friends Paddy, Archie, Billy, and Sam. They are four older men who reunite in Las Vegas to celebrate Billy’s upcoming marriage. While in Vegas they find themselves having to come to terms with issues related to losses in old age. The four main characters experience different variations of themes related to aging including fear, role loss, death of a spouse, loss of health, issues with informal caregiving, and issues with intimate relationships and friendships

  • Substance Abuse Elderly

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    Substance Abuse and the Elderly Shayla Henderson-Young, B.S.N., RN, CCMC, MAJ ANC Uniformed Services University, Bethesda, MD Epidemiology The increasing prevalence of substance abuse amongst the older adult (geriatric) population is cause for concern (Wu & Blazer, 2011). There are over 700 million adults ages 60 and above worldwide (Wang et al., 2013). According to (Ortman, Velkoff, & Hogan (2014), in 2012 there were approximately 43.1 million adults over the age of 65 and estimated to double

  • Todd Nelson On The Effects Of Ageism On Older Adults

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    bring old and young people together have been shown to decrease ageist attitudes. Finally, Nelson recommends addressing ageism among health care professionals. He suggests encouraging more mental health professionals and doctors to specialize in gerontology and geriatrics, and implementing student loan forgiveness programs for individuals who choose these