Power Of Words In Macbeth

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Literature Essay (Stuart Judge):
In the literary works that we studied this year: The Book Thief, Purple Hibiscus, Macbeth, Sonnet 101,Sonnet 154 , Kevin Pietersen The Autobiography and Dead Poets Society- all the works have the same central theme :”Words have had the power to transform, for better or worse”. The character’s lives have all been affected and transformed by the power of words that has a great effect on their development rather than other external factors that the characters face in their daily lives. This will be shown by analysing how words lead these characters to achieve success and as well as to their demise.
In the novel The Book Thief- Liesel Memminger arrives at the Hubermann household shortly after her brother’s …show more content…

Macbeth is a brilliant solider and patriotic to King Duncan. The king refers to Macbeth as, “Valiant Cousin,” thus showing that the two have a very close relationship. Macbeth is faced with a moral crisis that he should kill King Duncan and take to the throne or leave him and carry on being the Thane of Cawdor. Lady Macbeth entices him to commit the murder because she is just as ambitious as her husband and she persuades him by questioning his manhood. She even calls upon the dark spirits to take away her soft womanliness. The Witches use words to spark the deep desire within Macbeth to become king. They prophesize that he will one day become king, but, they also prophesize that although Banquo may not be king himself he will produce a long line of heirs to the throne. Macbeth sees this as a threat and he ultimately ends up murdering Banquo and his family. The Witches words spark the conflict within the play. Words are also used to inspire people to bring an end to Macbeth’s tyrannical reign. King Duncan’s sons Malcom and Donalbain foresee the danger that Macbeth poses on their lives and they flee to England where they train an army to attack Macbeth at Dunsinane. When Macduff receives news that Macbeth has ordered for his family to be killed he is enraged with …show more content…

John Keeting tells his students to cease the day and he teaches his English classes in an unconventional manner. Throughout the film Neil’s father pressured his son to attend Medical School and become a doctor, but, Neil had his own aspirations of becoming an actor. Through this pressure Neil approaches Mr. Keeting to inform his father about his dreams, which, leads to Neil disobeying his father and therefore leads to him been enrolled military school. Neil eventually could not deal with his controlling father and he commits suicide. Mr. Keeting is blamed for the death and is fired, however, his words do have a positive effect on Todd Anderson. At the beginning of the film Todd is a shy and reserved child who is socially awkward and does not like speaking in front of the class , but , by the end of the book he speaks freely within the group and he stands up to Richard Cameron about the dismissal of Mr. Keeting . He also speaks freely in class while headmaster Mr. Nolan is in the classroom and he ignores instructions from Mr. Nolan. He also becomes very close friends with Neil. Neil encourages Todd when he gets the same present as the previous year for his birthday. Todd is sceptical when Neil gets the main role in

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