A Separate Peace And Dead Poets Society Comparison Essay

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A Separate Peace and Dead Poets Society Compare and Contrast The phenomenal movie Dead Poets Society was released on June 2, 1989. This movie was directed by Peter Weir, starring Robin Williams as a new english teacher named John Keating. He teaches at Welton Academy, which is known for its ancient traditions and high, sophisticated standards. Mr. Keating uses unorthodox teaching methods for the young boys at Welton, which later causes tragedy. The outstanding book A Separate Peace was published in 1959, written by John Knowles. This book takes place at a boarding school in New Hampshire called Davon. The main characters include Gene Forester and Phineas. The boys form a group called Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session that revolves around the book. During this time period, it was very popular to produce movies based off the books. Although A Separate Peace and Dead Poets Society aren’t based off of each other, but they have many things in common and …show more content…

Our next comparison concludes how the war in A Separate Peace and how Neil Perry’s parents in Dead Poets Society affects both stories deeply. The war had a constant pressure on the boys at Devon. All the characters in A Separate Peace knew that after they graduated from Devon, they would have to enlist in World War II. The character Leper Lepellier was the first to join the army and returned mentally impaired just from basic training. The Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session was formed to escape this pressure, which later ended in tragedy from Finny’s death. In Dead Poets Society, Neil Perry is the main character who is controlled by his parents. Mr. Perry makes decisions for Neil and had his whole life planned accordingly for Neil. Neil absolutely loved acting, but his overbearing father refused to let him follow his true passion. This constant pressure also caused tragedy when Neil Perry took his own life because of his

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