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There Will Be Bears
By: Ryan Gebhart

Genre: Funny/Humor and Realistic Fiction

Awards: Vermont Golden Dome Book Award Nominee (2016)

Summary The novel, There Will Be Bears by Ryan Gebhart takes place in the current world, with many similarities to one's day-to-day lifestyle. The realistic-fiction adventure opens with a thirteen-year-old boy, Tyson, who fantasizes about bears and the wild and desperately desires to go hunting.

The novel begins with Tyson and his adventurous grandfather, Gene, pruning in preparation for Tyson's first hunting trip, which the two extensively planned. However, Tyson's father disproves the act of pruning, and 'Gramps' demands that Tyson do it to become a true man and prepare for the hunt.

Later that night, …show more content…

However, despite trying to 'fit in', Tyson gets singled out for his unnatural tastes. While trying to belong and make society proud, Tyson faces a plethora of conflicts, primarily a Man vs. Man external conflict between him and his once close friend Brighton, and a Man vs. Self internal conflict in which Tyson contemplates the ramifications of the forthcoming actions he needs to perform. In this wonderful novel, Tyson, the protagonist, faces himself as the primary antagonist. Throughout the progression of the adventure, Tyson relentlessly combats himself, and eventually does not know what to do because of the uncertainty within …show more content…

In addition, due to the novel's emotional story, readers connect, creating an excellent read for all. However, some portions of the adventure, including the details of field-dressing the elk, seem a little unnecessary with the extra information. Nevertheless, the story proves a terrific novel with a plethora of excellent humor for everyone.

Recommendation/Intended Audience
Ryan Gebhart's There Will Be Bears, finds itself leaning toward more tweens and ten-year-olds because of the book's humorous nature. However, some elements of the book encompass a maturity that remains higher than that of an elementary schooler. Additionally, Ryan Gebhart targeted his novel toward the Adventurer and Mainstremer archetypes to help the book grow in popularity with the usage of the outdoors and the struggles that the common man faces. Personally, individuals suited to read this book highlight Middle School boys who wish to fit in.

Important Theme
In the novel There Will Be Bears by Ryan Gebhart, the most important theme highlights that despite the forthcoming challenges, one's family, literal or figurative, will always strive to provide

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