Gary Paulsen's Woodsong

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The book I read for my non-fiction book report was Woodsong. Woodsong is 132 pages from cover to cover. The book is a non-fiction written by Gary Paulsen. In my book there was only one main. The main character is Gary Paulsen the author of the book. Paulsen displays clear qualities of ingenuity, survivability, determination, and wisdom. His view on animal life will strike many as controversial, as he raises animal worth to a level almost comparable to that of humans. The only other characters in the story are Paulsen’s sled dog team. The book starts with Paulsen retelling a story in which he watched wolves kill and devour a deer in the woods. This event showed Paulsen that nature was gruesome. He then reflects back on how he was once a beaver …show more content…

Some of the incidents include times he has been carried to safety by his sled dogs after breaking his knee on the trail, became violently ill in the midst of extreme cold conditions, and a variety of other happenings. In all his adventures Paulsen bonds closely with all of his dogs. Storm, his favorite dog has taught Paulsen many life lessons about nature and life. Part One closes, and Part Two begins with Paulsen entering a team of fifteen of his dogs in the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. The race proves to be long and unyielding. Extremely cold conditions and difficult terrain put both Paulsen and his team to the test. He is repeatedly afflicted by hallucinations during the race. After nearly seventeen days, he at last crosses the finish line in Nome. He places last in the race, but the accomplishment and adventure are all that matter to him. This book had a hard christian theme to find. I really had to search, but came up with always trust God. Paulsen went through many tough times from barely having enough money to pay the bills to almost dying out on the trail. Paulsen never mentioned God, but if he was a christian trusting God in these situations would’ve helped a

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