Synopsis Of The Movie 'Gattaca'

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Genetic analysis should be used freely in society, but only to help those who actually need it. The movie advocates the rules of your genetic makeup which leads to certain opportunities being presented to certain people with higher pedigrees than other. If a person's genetic makeup is sub-par you are unable to obtain your goals in life. While this is not true in the real world it could become a possibility in the future. The movie gives evidence of how your genetic makeup could affect who you love, what jobs you get, and expose you to certain discriminations in your life.
When Vincent Freeman, a striving astronaut wanted to get into the program to work for Gattaca, a space organization, his DNA told him otherwise. Vincent was not born by genetic …show more content…

When Irene, a women who worked alongside Jerome in gattaca started falling for his she decided to sequence his DNA from a strand of hair hidden away in his desk. The results were what she expected, a “9.5, quite a catch”. It amazed me how easily she learned about his genetic makeup. While screening your potential significant other may help in regards to future offspring, it does not leave much to the imagination. In the movie you could fix all the mistakes in your future children with genetic selection, so why screen your potential partner? Before you even go on a first date you could make assumptions and would not get to fall in love with the person they actually are.
Gattaca, in my opinion endorses and goes against society's will to use genetic analysis. To elaborate further, as stated in the previous paragraphs Gattaca seems to show genetic analysis as a way to make decisions about certain people's life choices. But it also shows how people can struggle in contradictory events involving genetic testing, as put into examples in the previous statements. Gattaca shows many times that genetic testing can be beneficial and has completely taken over society but at the same time provides many hardships like discrimination against certain ranks of

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