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Speak Journal Response The book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson creates many connections; whether they are real world, virtual or personal. This journal will explain those connections, and show my thoughts on them, as well as how they have impacted my view on different, related, topics. My first connection is about Character, between Melinda’s parents, and Qibli’s (Key-Bee) parent’s in the book Wings of Fire. The connection between these two books, is about how the main character’s parents are often arguing, and are more focused on themselves than their children. An example from the book is when Melinda’s parents are arguing about what to have for Thanksgiving dinner. The real world example from Wings of Fire book 10, is how Qibli’s mother …show more content…

Freeman’s Character in the story-Queen Thorn from the book Wings of Fire. These characters played a very important role in not only developing the protagonist, but also aided the plot by allowing for it to progress. Because of the main characters’ unusual family situations, Mr. Freeman and Queen Thorn acted as role models, and allowed for “the frozen stillness to melt down through the inside of” Melinda and Qibli (Anderson 198). Thorn and Freeman helped the children develop their abilities in different ways; Melinda’s art and confidence, as well as Qibli’s Poetry and Improvisation. In my eyes, Mr. Freeman and Queen Thorn saved these children’s lives. These are significant elements of literature because they are a driving force to the story, developing the plot and characters. This connection is significant to me because I was able to see Qibli and Melinda evolve right before my eyes. They were both shy, self-conscious and worried about things normal children don’t really have to worry about. Thorn and Freeman helped Melinda and Qibli achieve a sense of “normal” they haven’t felt in a long time. Their love and comfort for these kids is the reason why this connection is significant to

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