Courage And Perseverance In Elie Wiesel's Story

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Many characters have shown courage or perseverance in someway or form, throughout their stories. Many of them have ended up changing character due to the courage near the end of the stories. There are two characters that have changed from events that have gave them courage to do something about it. Stanley has shown perseverance courage throughout his story. He had to lie to his parents to make camp not seem like a bad thing. He got pushed around in school and in camp by more muscular and thinner people. In the story, Stanley taught Zero how to read and write because he had never learned as a child. Stanley became Zero’s friend, even though Zero is the reason Stanley is in Camp Green Lake. In the story, Stanley had the courage to steal Mr.Sir’s truck to look for Zero in the desert. He carried Zero up the mountain because he fainted due to dehydration and being tired. He helped Zero down the mountain to get back to camp to dig a …show more content…

He was a mongoose washed up in front of a house. He had the courage to stay in a random families house to protect them. He had the courage to stick up to Nag and Nagaina. He killed a smaller snake named, Karait. In the story, He asked someone where Nag was. He found Nag, coiled around the bottom of the water jar. He jumped and bit the head of Nag. in the story, he kept his grip even though Nag was banging him on every piece of furniture in the bathroom. Teddy’s father came to kill the snake. The father said,”The mongoose has saved us from the snake.” In the story, Rikki Tikki Tavi ran to Nagaina’s eggs to kill them all, except one. He used that one egg to get her away from Teddy, so Teddy can run away. He chased after Nagaina to kill her and the egg. In the story, he had the courage to go inside the hole Nagaina lives in and knows what is in their. Rikki Tikki Tavi came out and said,”She is dead.” He saved Teddy and his family’s lives from the big

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