Examples Of Perseverance In The Alchemist

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“Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th.” This quote is the epitome of, Santiago, the boy, In the novel “The Alchemist”. The boy comes across several points where it would be easier to stop his journey and forget his dream, but instead he keeps pushing through till he succeeds, with the help of the omens. The recurring theme of omens in the novel, “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho helps Santiago persevere throughout the novel, by guiding him in the right direction. Santiago's journey. In the beginning of his journey to the pyramids, he realizes he is going to need to find a guide, because he is a simple shepherd who knows little to nothing about the pyramids. Even at this point he could just say “ I am a shepherd and I know nothing about the pyramids, why try”, but decides to follow his dream …show more content…

His tear falls on a spot in the ground, and his heart tells him that is where his treasure is. “Throughout the night, the boy dug at the place he had chosen, but found nothing...but he didn't stop.” This quote demonstrates his persistence and that he will not quit. He kept pushing through believing his treasure was there, looking for a needle in a hastack. He is then robbed again btu fights back saying he is just looking for a treasure. He is told by one of the ribbers that “I dreamed that I should travel to the fields of Spain and look for a ruined church...if I dug at the roots of a sycamore, I would find a hidden treasure.” This abandoned church is back where the boy started his journey. He had traveled miles and miles, been robbed twice, met a Alchemist, left his love, just to find out that he never had to travel anywhere to find his treasure. That's like climbing a mountain and realizing you're only halfway there. Instead of feeling beat and going to see Fatima before heading back, he doesn't think twice and just starts his travel

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