How Is Santiago A Weak Character In The Alchemist

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Santiago is a young boy who yearns for adventure and purpose in his life.from a young age he knows he wants to see the world and becomes a shepherd to experience new places. Santiago still struggles to find meaning and purpose throughout his many years of travel though. It's not until he goes on the journey to follow his personal legend that he truly develops as a character. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, challenges readers to acknowledge their self-worth and realize they are strongest when they love themselves. In Part one Santiago could be described as weak character. He is easily manipulated and persuaded by others such as the gypsy and the tour guide he met at the bar when he first arrived in Africa. His hunger for money blinds him from seeing his …show more content…

It improves so much that he is able to teach the desert, wind, and sun a lesson saying, “you are wise because you observe everything from a distance, the boy says.” but you don’t know about love”(113). Santiago tells the sun and wind about the love, something that was foreign to him before his journey. The knowledge of love from the wind makes Santiago able to complete his task of becoming the wind. Like Santiago and Fatima, the knowledge of love makes the wind stronger and able to blow down the village. There is no stopping anything when they have and understand love, even an army full of men. Santiago knew at this point that “his love for her would enable him to discover every treasure in the world“ and he became more driven to find his treasure (92). Only after Santiago found Fatima was he able to to find his treasure. Readers can come to this conclusion because Fatima did not only take his heart, but she also opened it to the world, for it to be filled with knowledge. There are no limitations when a person accepts that they are loved because true knowledge is knowing how to love yourself and

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