Essay About The Alchemist

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First and foremost,in my perspective,I would say that the main message of the story The Alchemist is that whatever life gives you appreciate it.Life can always lead you to places or objects,but not every human can have them. To face facts life can be hard for some people and not as hard to others,in comparison to the Santiago’s life in the story he knew that he had to give up the only thing he had in order to get enough money to travel to egypt where he thought his treasure would be,and where he would get to know what his personal legend was,so he decided that he would go for his dream if he really wanted to be able to find his treasure.While traveling to the pyramids he came upon thieves,love,and fear,but none of that stop him from getting …show more content…

Santiago wanted to the fatima to know that he had fallen in love with her and he didn 't want her to forget about him,but she wanted him to know that for years she dreamt of having to have the hope of a loved one coming back home,and that he had to do what every male in the desert did and go find his treasure,and all she did was stay home and hope for him to come home. He came upon so many challenges along the way with the alchemist,and he had the enough knowledge in order to overcome them,but needed a little push. His heart was always with him talking to him about fear but also excitement about traveling to the pyramids,and when they came upon tribesmen santiago never gave to turn himself into the wind which was their only way out. When he got to where he treasure was a refugee man from tribal wars told him that he would live,and that exact same spot he had the same dream two years ago,but that he should have learned that a man wouldn 't be so stupid to cross an entire

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