What Is The Hero's Journey In The Alchemist

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Paulo Coehlo’s, The Alchemist, explores the Hero’s Journey through the story of a shepherd, Santiago. Throughout the novel, Santiago becomes more aware of his potential as he pursues his Personal Legend. He faces temptations and obstacles as he develops as a character. The hero crosses the threshold when they leave their old reality in search for a new one. Santiago crosses the threshold by selling his sheep and taking a boat to Africa. He is conflicted because, “He had to choose between something he had been accustomed to and something he wanted to have.”(24) Santiago is pushed into this journey. He did not have a chance to fully think it through. He is a baby deer struggling on its new legs. Santiago is willing to take the chance of finding …show more content…

Santiago's temptation is when he has the choice whether or not to stay with Fatima and abandon his Personal Legend. After leaving Fatima he has a difficult time coping with the separation, even if Fatima is a woman of the desert, who knows he will return. The Alchemist offers him a sole piece of advice, “love never keeps a man from pursuing his Personal Legend.” (120) Santiago’s heart is aching for the loving arms of Fatima. He realizes that he needs to focus on what he needs, pursuing his Personal Legend and not what he desires to be with Fatima. Santiago’s willpower and understanding grows once he leaves with the Alchemist. The Abyss and Rebirth are the points in the Hero Cycle when it is the darkest hour and the hero pushes through it, becoming a new person in whole. In The Alchemist, Santiago’s darkest moment is when he has to turn himself into gold, and he regenerates into this person who is one with God. He “saw that the Soul of God was his own. And that he, a boy, could perform miracles.” (152) The lessons he had already knew had become clear to him now. He had the universe inside of him.With that he could fully conquer his

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