Narcissism In The Alchemist

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1. In the prologue, the alchemist reads a version if the story of the death of Narcissus that has a somewhat different ending from the traditional telling, one that emphasizes the grief of the lake into which Narcissus will no longer be looking at his reflection. In beginning the book with this story, what themes and relationships is Coelho telling us to watch for throughout Santiago’s story? Do you think there may be an element of “narcissism” in the pursuit of one’s personal legend? The themes and relationships that Coelho is telling us to watch for throughout the story are selfishness and narcissism. In exemplifying the grief of the lake due to its own self-centeredness, he is giving a forewarning to the readers about how regardless of …show more content…

Though, there are many defining moments in my life that have shaped the person I have become. One good example would be my deciding to switch schools at the end of sixth grade, thus expanding the range of people I knew, as well as severely altering my outlook on my hometown. The beginner’s luck I’ve had in my life has been slim, and I find that I have always had to work very hard to become better at things, regardless of the fact that the universe was supposedly trying to help me, though I do know that I have always been good at reading. I remember figuring out how to read before the time I was three, first beginning with The Very Hungry Caterpillar, then moving on to the entirety of the Harry Potter Series. I’m not sure if this fully would count as “luck” perse, though I am very grateful to have learned how to read at the time I did. Nothing prevented me from continuing to enjoy the pleasure of reading, save for a few bad books I’ve had to read for school. Having read The Alchemist, I realize that I have many inner resources that I could use to continue my “journey”, specifically, searching out more books to

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