Examples Of Courage In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Courage is a word that used often or not, has it’s own meaning. Having courage to do the impossible is experienced in our everyday lives without even thinking, such as, taking out the trash, going to school, taking a step onto a unknown street, it happens to us all and can even have a dramatic impact on yourself, your future, and your life. In the book Night courage is experienced every single day of torture. Prisoners, such as Elie, face and fight for their own survival not knowing that their best weapon possessed in their hands was courage. Courage was a weapon, a very powerful weapon that could change your fate in an instant. Elie Wiesel showed the importance of courage not just during his life occurring memory but during our everyday lives, he shows and gives examples of how courage could be the savior to your most difficult times. …show more content…

For example, when Moishe the Beadle was first taken from Sighet by the Hungarian police, he had the courage to act dead and soon gain force so that he would be able to tell his experience to gullible Jewish citizens. Another example is on pages 31-32, Elie and his father had the courage to lie to an SS officer about their age and profession not knowing it would be the savior to their own fate. But that’s not all, after the myth that saved them from an eternal death, they still had to face many challenges that could easily end with their hope to live, with their illusion of getting to eat a good meal again, with their courage to survive. Some of these demands were selections and death marches, which were prime ways of dying with the taste of pure hatred, prime ways that could ruin all that you have survived for in an

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