Comparing Courage In Left For Dead And The Crystal Cave

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Courage is not simply defined by a definition. Each person defines courage in their own way. What is courageous to one person may not seem courageous to another person. One interprets courage in their own ways because of how they were raised or their moral values. In each of the three novels, courage is demonstrated in many different ways. Courage is influenced by many different factors. Making a courageous choice isn’t an easy thing to do but it’s impacted by factors such as fear of the unknown, survival, risk factor, protection of others or oneself. In Left for Dead, courage is a main theme throughout the book. Each sailor that survived, the sailors that lost their lives attempting to live, and those who lost their lives when the ship was wrecked all showed …show more content…

Merlin, the main character of the book, makes many courageous decisions throughout his life. For example when Merlin was younger he choose to go out far into the countryside and stumbled upon Galapas. Galapas would take him to the Crystal Cave and show Merlin his true powers. Merlin wouldn’t tell anyone about his whereabouts. This shows courage because if people were to learn where Merlin would really go, then he would have most likely been executed or jailed. Another example of courage in the book is when Uther falls in love with Ygraine the wife of the Duke of Cornwall. Merlin decides to help him because he know the child will become the greatest king ever, Arthur. Merlin has to kill a man so the truth about the child isn’t found it. These actions show immense courage because: Merlin is risking his life to help Uther, has to kill a man so the truth isn’t discovered, and he is only helping Uther because of a vision Merlin had. From this novel we can learn that when one acts in a courageous way or commits a courageous action it is usually to protect another person or to protect

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