Examples Of Hope In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Hope is a helpful tool to push people through the hardest times in life. In the book Night by Elie Wiesel, there are numerous examples of hope helping people and revitalizing their confidence. People used hope to help them through rough times. People hope that friends and family are still alive. Also hope that the Front liberates the camps and frees everyone. Hope can help people get through the hardest obstacles in life. These following quotations are examples of people having hope help them through the tough times. People hope that others are still alive even if they could be dead. Not long ago Elie and his father were just separated from his mother and sister. Now it was evening and they were laying in their cots, listening to Akiba Drumer, and the only they could think about at the moment was them. “Mother is still a young woman. She must be in a labor camp. And Tzipora, she is a big girl now. She too must be …show more content…

During the time The Jews were hiding in there blocks when they realized that the officers left two rations of soup unattended. Then someone crawled to them after opening the block door. As the man was trying to get the soup he died there, then planes were flying overhead and started bombing the camp. “But we no longer feared death in any event not this particular death. Every bomb that hit filled us with joy, gave us a renewed confidence (Wiesel 60).” People want to believe that they will survive no matter what and having hope helps with that. These quotes are good examples of hope pushing people till the end. From the quotes, Hope has proven to be a splendid tool to help those in need. Hope can help people through the toughest challenges in life. This is important because people want to survive the hardest obstacles and these quotes show people passing these challenges because they had hope. No, hope may not one hundred percent guarantee success, but it will help you push

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