Definition Essay: What Is Courage?

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What is Courage? No one ever said life was easy. Life throws so many curve balls at us that its no wonder why we strike out sometimes. When faced with a problem its easy for us to get caught up in the “why me” and just give up, but as long as we are problem solvers and not cowards we can overcome just about anything with courage. But what is courage? It seems like an easy question, and most dictionaries will say something along the lines of courage is being able to face difficulties, pain, danger, excreta, without fear. But is that all courage really is, being able to face fear?In my opinion courage is not just something that comes from having to react in a dangerous situation at a moment's notice. Courage is also not just something …show more content…

For either for good or for bad, courage inevitably allows us to think independently and make decisions that we think are beneficial and right. Without courage, certain necessary functions wouldn’t be possible. We wouldn’t be able to socialize, trust others, and develop close relationships with the people we meet. We wouldn’t be apt to try new careers or travel to different places. In order for us to deal with our own inner personal conflicts, we depend on courage. Courage allows the development of practical thought and makes it easier for people to realize exactly how easy it is to accomplish their dreams, and goals. If someone is hindered to perform on stage due to stage fright for instance, it is the courage inside them that helps enlighten the fact that life will go forward even if they screw up, and the audience will always clap at the end. Courage is speaking your mind. Think about the number of times you have withheld how you felt to a friend because your beliefs might cause conflict. Or a time you chose not to speak up during a group discussion to reveal your ideas out of concern of being ostracized. The courage to speak your mind allows you to say what you feel without the worries of

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