Making Sarah Cry Compare And Contrast

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In the poem Making Sarah Cry and in the short story Don’t Give Up the Fight, there are many similarities and many differences. A common theme for both pieces could be perseverance because in Making Sarah Cry she perseveres through all the bullying and then stands up for the other little boy in the end. But in Don't Give Up the Fight, Ava stands up for herself and tells the principal that she was being picked on by Coach McCoy and Jacob. Clearly, both characters deal with their problems in different ways. This shows that the character’s actions were displayed differently.

In the poem Making Sarah Cry, the theme was perseverance because the poem is about a little girl named Sarah who gets picked on every single day. In the text it stated, “To him she must deserve it because she never tried to hide.” This shows perseverance because she never gave up and never went to hide away from all the bullying. Another example why the theme is perseverance is because the poem states, “Leave him alone you bullies, because he's a friend of mine.” This is an example of perseverance because Sarah stuck up for the little boy when he was getting picked on, and she knew how painful it can be. In the end however, Sarah taught everyone a lesson by showing them her perseverance. …show more content…

She has to persevere and stick up for herself. There are many examples of perseverance in the story. For example, on the bus Ava was getting picked on by Jacob by saying that she was dead and started to “weep” and make Ava angry. Although, Ava did not let it get in the way of the track meet and still end up winning. Another example of perseverance shown by Ava is when she finally had enough of Jacob and coach McCoy and she persevered and told the principal about the incidents. So, she made the problems go away by

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