The Watsons Go To Birmingham Theme

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Being Different

The poem “Making Sarah Cry” and the play “The Watsons Go to Birmingham” are similar and different in many ways. They are the same because they have the same theme, being different. For example, In “Making Sarah Cry” she is treated differently because of her features, In “The Watsons Go to Birmingham”, they are treated differently because of their skin color. The passages are different because the themes are represented differently. The character's actions are different in both passages. In “Making Sarah Cry” Sarah stands up for the boy who bullied her, but in “The Watsons Go To Birmingham” They don’t stand up to the waitress or anyone that stands for segregation.

The theme in the poem “Making Sarah Cry” is Being Different. For example, the poem states,“Sarah was unlike the rest; She was slow and not as smart, And it would seem to all his friends She was born without a heart.” Sarah is treated unkindly because of the way she …show more content…

For example, in the play, the white waitress says “You go round back if you want something to eat.” “Boy, you better get up off that seat. Don’t make me call the police and have you arrested.” The waitress is treating the boy's unkindly because they have a different skin color, they don’t understand that others treat people unfairly for their looks. Another reason why the theme is being different is because the play states “We have to eat in separate restaurants, live in separate neighborhoods, and even use separate drinking fountains.” Junior explains that just because they have a different skin color means they have to do separate things from white people. They have to use not as good things like rusty water fountains while the white people can get nice brand new things. They have to go to all separate places with all black people and no white people. They can’t even eat in the same place. That is why the theme is being

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