Compare And Contrast Shrek Vs Odyssey

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Shrek is a bad-tempered, green, and ugly ogre who lives happily in his own swamp. Until the day that the great Lord farquaad banished all sorts of fairy tale creatures to invade and live in his swamp. When Shrek wants his peaceful home back to himself, he and his sidekick, Donkey, make their way to the castle to speak to Lord farquaad about getting his swamp back. Lord Farquaad refuses to remove the creatures unless Shrek and Donkey do him a favor. The favor is that they rescue Princess Fiona from a castle guarded by a dragon and bring her back to the Lord. After the big journey back, Shrek ends up falling in love with the beautiful Fiona. The movie Shrek is being compared to the book “The Odyssey”. When Odysseus, the ruler of Ithaca, leaves

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