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Finest California Green “Avocado” What comes in my mind when I think of America? Food, celebrations, and sadly obesity. Americans love to celebrate and enjoy food especially the juicy, meaty, and flavorful burgers and hotdogs. So when I saw this advertisement about a California grown Avocado on 4th of July, I know it is perfect for viewers who enjoy a healthy food for every occasion. In the ad, the bold color of red, white, and blue is covering the background. A freshly cut Avocado and a delicious meaty burger is occupying the center, as if, trying to make the viewer’s mouth water. Although a small part of the ad, happiness is shown in the eyes of a little girl holding the flag of the United States, showing how patriotic she is. A welcoming sign to California is clearly seen to invite the viewers to visit the fascinating State of California. A stunning …show more content…

It appeals to everyone not just Americans of any age. It also appeals to health-conscious viewers who not only wants to be healthy, but also enjoys a locally hand grown product. At first, it persuades the viewers by logos or through reasoning, on why do you have to add more avocados on your diet. There is a brief message on the ad that explains the need to add this delicious avocados in your diet. Secondly, by stating on the brief message that the product is hand grown by a family of American farmers, it suggest an appeal to ethos. It convinces the viewers that the product is hand grown by American farmers and consuming this locally grown product shows your patriotism to your country. Lastly, the ad appeals to pathos. The image of a little girl smiling while holding an American flag convinces the viewer of two important emotion or feeling: happiness and love. You can see in the little girls face that she is happy and proud. Also, by holding the American flag shows the love she has for her country just like the farmers who hand grown this locally grown

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