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Typically, when people think of the “F” word, they think of only one cuss word. In the article by Firoozeh Dumas, it does not deal with the a cuss word, it deals with the American society stereotyping different cultures in America today. Dumas uses several techniques to hook the readers and keep them reading and interested. Throughout the article, Dumas pairs together her style and how she builds ethos in the reader’s eyes. This creates a good way to convey the argument, however it lacks certain strengths. If she had written in a more formal tone and included more evidence, the article would have kept her humor and would have continued to convey her use of ethos. In the article, Dumas spends to much time explaining the ethos to her readers. …show more content…

The informal way that Dumas speaks to the readers and tell her stories allows the readers to connect with her in a very powerful way. She spends a lot of time in the article building her own image or the reader. Her article is 22aimed at immigrants that live in America, not professionals in a field, or people of power. By going with such an easy and humorous tone, she limits herself when trying to reach to the average person. A more formal and professional tone would of helped in being more appealing to the professional world that takes notion of current problems and addresses them. Since she chose to work with such a style, she is unable to give any figures, statistics or facts to support her argument. Since her article lacks facts and figures, she is not able to support her overall claim. Her claim is based on her opinion which doesn't give actual evidence, however that doesn't mean she can use some figures to support her idea. Through all of this, Dumas lacks evidence and limits her audience and looses the opportunity to reach out to the professional world to help address the problems that she has brought up. However, she is still able to speak to the average person in an easy and settling

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