Argumentative Essay On Milk Life

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One of the most common beverages amongst children and families throughout the world, is milk. As time has progressed the popularity of this drink has dramatically declined for numerous social and health reasons. This worsening downturn, is leaving dairy brands such as Milk Life in critical predicaments. In an effort to resolve this problem, Milk Life has created an advertisement to illustrate the true importance of milk, and how it is relevant in America today.
In today’s society, many contemporary subcultures have become a crucial part of our development as a civilization. One of the most prominent subcultures influencing the world today, are hipsters. Modern day American hipster’s are given the task of being overtly unique individuals who …show more content…

Naturally along with this desire to be superficially attractive came an increasingly infectious trend to be healthy. Being healthy is an ambiguous idea, which has attributed to it’s amazing marketing abilities applicable to a vast array of products. In Milk Life’s ad, health plays one of the most significant roles in promoting this beverage. Not only does the ad feature remarks about protein, nutritional balance, and fresh energy, but it also focuses on using imagery to depict their …show more content…

Over generations of Americans, milk has embodied the role of a traditional health beverage cherished by well-rounded families. With this understanding of milk’s purpose in American society, Milk Life’s ad, is centered around the statement, “Made by nature. Served with Love.” These ideas of nature and love create an image of both health and happiness, which are held as two of the most important values to all human beings. By depicting a classic glass of milk, accessorized with berries and a conventional sandwich, Milk Life is able to captivate an audience through use of nostalgia and

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