Essay On Slimming Advertisements

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The slimming advertisement should be banned Nowadays, it is commonly to find a slimming advertisement through the media, from newspaper to internet, magazine to television. Those advertisements always involve pictures of a slim, pretty model, which claimed that if someone uses their product, they can be as slim as the model. Every time, when women see the perfect body shape of the model, the want of being slim is obsessed on their mind, they tried to lose weight by taking pills, eating cellulite food and getting on diet. However, they are not work for everyone, unfortunately, some tragedies happened to some women. This essay argued that slimming advertisement should be banned. In order to explore these issues, this essay will first criticize slimming advertisements creating adverse effect on customer physical health, followed by the promotion of gender inequality, and harmful effect on mental health will also be discussed. First of all, the exaggeration effect mentioned in the slimming advertisement will attract the customer but also has a negative impact on the customer’s physical health. As long as the ads hide the potential dangers of products, especially teenage girls rarely premeditated before using them, some health …show more content…

Firstly, it is quite normal to see the model in the ads wear little clothes or put focus on the leg and breast to draw attention .According to Printed slimming advertisements in Hong Kong paper (2015),it indicated that these marketing strategies are treating women as sex objects which belittle the status of women since some ads portray women has to be slim to please men, for example describe fat women won’t get a boyfriend, but the slim do ,which has advance the idea that women is just a subordinate to man, and this will also affect the public perception of women. Therefore, slimming ads should be prohibited to protect women’s gender equality

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