Persuasive Speech On Milk

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Persuasive Writing- Dairy, Dairy Quite Contrary Picture the idyllic scene, you know the one I mean: grinning cows grazing on a grassy expanse of land, prancing about and mooing to their heart 's content. What about the scene in which a mother sets down two cold, healthy glasses of milk for her children to drink and they proceed to consume the delicious refreshment in mere seconds, leaving nothing but an adorable, frothy moustache above their top lip. Unbeknownst to this mother, and the 93% of Great Britain who drink cow’s milk, she has just handed her children a glass teeming with hormones, steroids, pesticides, and antibiotics. The dairy industry has spent copious amounts of money over many decades supporting the idea that milk is essential …show more content…

The results showed that drinking milk actually negatively impacted the women 's bone health. Although to most this would come as a surprise, Dr. Amy Lanou, nutrition director for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine supports this study by stating that: "The countries with the highest rates of osteoporosis are the ones where people drink the most milk and have the most calcium in their diets. The connection between calcium consumption and bone health is actually very weak, and the connection between dairy consumption and bone health is almost non-existent". This is because milk has an acidifying effect on out body’s pH, and as calcium is a sublime acid neutraliser, it is utilised to return our body to its natural pH. Since the only place calcium can be found in such vast supplies is in our bones, this then results in calcium …show more content…

Calves born into the dairy industry have a road ahead of them that is inordinately short, but not merciful. Dairy cows are subject to brutal conditions before they 're sent to slaughter, being continuously tortured until they are physically unable to stand. The female calves will be kept for milking to replace the role of their mothers and as for the males, their future is bleak. Unless they are one of the lucky few selected to be fed up and used for breeding in the future, they are either left to die, or sent off to a veal operation where they will live out the rest of their fleeting life in a tiny crate. These tiny crates prohibit exercise and prevent muscle growth as this supposedly makes them taste better. Some people may be shocked or even sickened to hear this but fear not; this savage and primitive behaviour makes their carcuses mildy more appetising, so it’s okay. In addition to this monstrosity the only nutrition they receive is from a milk substitute which contains extremely low levels of iron so that their flesh will stay pale, as a result of anaemia. The veal industry is the most inhumane and malevolent industry that there is, just one more thing we have the dairy industry to thank for, as it was only developed to take advantage of the unwanted male calves. There are so many other factors contributing to the long list of negative outcomes of the dairy industry, including packaging and its effect on the environment, the incessant abuse of cattle, and all of the

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