Persuasive Speech On Veganism

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What is Veganism? A way of life that adopts a Vegan diet and believes harming animals for meat or products is wrong. Yet, people say vegans are the inhumane and unreasonable ones. Think about where the animals come from. They are not grazing around in a green field. Instead, they are being forced to lay eggs and get hormones injected into them to make them bigger. Is that really what you want in your body? Veganism is a kinder way of life, it’s better for the environment, and it helps your body in whole. Over 56 billion animals are killed every day for animal testing and meat. Some people call themselves “animal lovers”, but how could they be, when they’re part of their suffering? But if you love and want to help animals, it really does benefit being vegan. There is no difference between a cow and a dog. The only difference is your perspective. Your egg carton or mayonnaise jar may tell you that they came from “free-range chickens”. Your meat supplying grocery store may tell you that the flesh of the animal you are eating …show more content…

You can show society that it’s what you believe and there is nothing wrong with it. If you believe in something enough, you should be confident in your opinion. Others ask where vegans get their protein if it’s not from meat or dairy products. Vegans are actually very aware of the illnesses from an unhealthy lack of protein they could eventually have. But since we are so aware we can stay on top of it and not fall behind. Another thing that non-vegans think about veganism is, “why do vegans always look ill?” This is a very controversial topic because people don’t think vegans are healthy. But if a meat-eater didn’t manage their diet they would get sick as well. It’s all about having enough information to do it healthfully and to not get

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