Persuasive Speech On Animal Welfare

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Thesis Not just for our health but also for animal’s welfare, we need to be aware about what procedures animals are passing by and how they are being treated. Many of the most fatal sicknesses that affect humans can be prevented if we involve more in those harsh procedures that they suffer and try to look for new solutions to make it stop. Introduction Many times we are not even aware that our cold actions are not just affecting the defenseless animals but ourselves, our country, our economy. We don’t even think of how those actions are affecting the rest of the population, we just care about selling products and making money. We need to stop for a minute, see what is happening to our surroundings and start taking actions. If we are the future of the …show more content…

Promoting good animal welfare as part of food quality Animal welfare is very important also for us humans, for our own health, nutrition and security when eating animals. Many times you can diagnose animal welfare when studying their behavior, physiology productivity and reproductive success. Sometimes productivity is a way to know the animal’s health. Even if we don’t do something to help them reproduce in a healthy way, they are going to keep doing it, and at the end the affected ones are going to be humans because they are the animals that we usually eat. In the past, when everything we ate was as natural as possible, not being affected by unknown chemicals, strange diseases weren’t as common as they are now. Diseases because of food processes shouldn’t be happening. We are altering all of the process of foods and by that getting sick easier. More money is being spent by trying to sell bigger animals and at the end we end up paying for medical treatments that could be avoided. Let’s start making conscience and promote the welfare of animal as part of food

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