Dan Bloom's Cruelty

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Bloom, Dan. "Organic vegetarian restaurant owner convicted of poor treatment of his herd of cows after two cows and a calf die." Daily Mail Online. Associated Newspapers, 13 June 2014. Web. 22 Feb. 2017. This article discusses how Khalid Undre, a vegetarian restaurant owner, mistreated his cattle. He gave his 20 cows terrible living conditions. He gave them little water and food. One of his cows died as well as its calf and was found in deep snow. Another one of his cows died while giving birth. Khalid Undre promoted his restaurant as being animal friendly and organic. Khalid said that he treated his animals the best. He was convicted on the account of five charges of animal cruelty. Many of his herd were sold to other farms, but Khalid …show more content…

The source is a newspaper publisher, meaning its goal is to inform its readers of prevalent issues that they should know about. Newspaper publishers needs to publish the truth or else they will lose a lot of their readers. It is reliable because the information comes from Mr. Undre as well as the authorities. The word choice of the article suggests that Dan Bloom has an informative tone with no ulterior motive. Dan Bloom appears to have no bias because he does not call Undre names and gave none of his own opinion. Dan Bloom gives accurate information and references what the authorities told him. The source is useful because it gives a reliable real life example of a specific account of animal …show more content…

It contains a specific account of a farmer, who is a business owner, treating cattle very poorly. This article is significant for a few reasons. First, the source shows that Undre got away with his poor treatment of cows for a period of time. He got away with it because he proclaimed how strong he supported positive treatment of the cows. Undre brought in a lot of his customers because he said that he fed them very well balanced diets and that the cattle were healthy. This shows how oblivious many people are to the poor treatment of cattle. This is important to my essay because it informs the reader how important it is to be aware of where their dairy produce comes from. No one should support farmers, like Undre, knowing how they treat cows. Second, the article gives me a specific example of how many farmers malnourish their cows. Third, Undre’s consequences will help me show the readers that the practices of many farmers should not be tolerated. Dan Bloom’s article about Undre can help strengthen my argument on how the treatment of cattle should

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