Jonathan Safran Foer Against Meat Summary

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In the article, “Against Meat,” author Jonathan Safran Foer discusses the moral level of eating meat, which is included in many diets in most people in America. He notes that as a child he loved the food that was prepared by his grandmother, who he considered as the best chef in the family. Furthermore, he also talks about the occasions like family gathering, all that he use to eat is meat (burger). Despite eating of meat mostly during family occasions, Foer decided to stop eating meat but rather eat more vegetables rather than eating all these meat foods. In addition, Foer himself writes “According to the U.S.D.A data by the advocacy group Farm Forward, factory farms now produce more that 99 percent of animals”. This emphasis on the fact that…show more content…
In the article, “The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food,” Michael Moss talks about hoe people just don’t eat junk food because they don't have money: however, it’s the fact that many junk food companies do whatever they can to spend millions of dollars for researches to produce addictive junk foods. Despite that people eat more junk foods doesn’t mean they don’t have money because there are many people that have money but still buy junk foods. This emphasis on the fact that it is not the fault of the people to eat all these junk foods; on the contrary, it is the companies that spend more money to help know what people are really addicted too to enable them produce foods that will make people eat more of it no matter what. Moss himself writes, “More than half of American adults are considered overweight”. Does this mean that that adults to don’t have enough money to but=y some vegetables and fruits? No, they have the money; but, they rather buy junk food because how hard it is for their body to resist from it. Therefore, I implore that people shouldn’t blame themselves for becoming overweight, the junk food companies should be blamed for the addictive junk
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