Fast Food Ethics Essay

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However, people’s action to sue fast food companies seems hardly sensible, because their foods are not poisoned, spoilt, or molded. Although their foods are far from healthy and their advertising tactics are extremely cunning, fast food restaurants are not the only one to blame for today’s rocketing rates of obesity-related health problems. It is entirely a person’s decision whether or not he or she chooses to eat fast foods. It is largely known that fast foods are junks for the body, yet people still buy them wanting a quick fix for their rumbling stomach. People can always avoid fast foods and make healthier options if they want to, and suing the fast food restaurants will not make them lose any weight or fat they have in their body. If …show more content…

Though utterly delicious, the foods they serve are totally unhealthy junk foods that are high in sugar, trans and saturated fat, simple carbohydrates, sodium, and a lot of hazardous chemicals which naturally make them enemies for our body. Fast food restaurants being everywhere makes it a number one choice for most people to get an easy and cheap meal, especially for those who live or work near the restaurants, without really caring about what kind of junk they are eating. Fast food companies also have unethical marketing techniques that target children, using promotional cartoon or movie-related toys to make children even more attracted to buy their products. Moreover, fast food restaurants selectively give nutritional information to their innocent customers, hiding the shocking facts that will make the customers recoil from buying their foods and refuse to come back ever again. Despite all of these, suing fast food companies doesn't feel quite right. Purchasing fast foods is entirely each individual’s decision, for no one is forcing them to buy those foods. They can always back away from and avoid junk food if they want to. Plus, suing fast food companies for making them overweight will not make them lose any fat, let alone escape obesity. Aside from overeating, there are several other factors that can make people obese, such as genetical factors, slow

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