Argument Against Fast Food

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Daniel Weintraub, in the article, “ The battle against fast food begins in the home”, claims that fast food companies are not to blame, instead it's the parents to blame for making their children obese. “Fast food companies have no fault in this overweight situation” says Weintraub. The author, which is Weintraub, supports his argument by explaining the data and research used to show that most studies focused on “ The increase consumption of fast food and soft drinks, larger portion sizes in restaurants, the availability of junk food on campus, advertising of junk food to children and their families, and the lack of constant physical education programs in the school”. The authors purpose is to inform readers that parents need to take responsibility, so that, their children stop blaming others for something that is happening in the home. The author writes in an informal tone for adults with children in the house.
In my perspective, I disagree with the author because it's not all the parents fault and fast food companies should know not to sell bad food just to make profit for themselves. Another reason is …show more content…

Parents of children have work to do and maybe they come home late, so this leads to parents bringing food from fast food stores, instead of making it because it requires a lot of energy or time to make food taste great. Why don’t you pick up food on the way home instead, since it gives you more time to rest from all the stress you have from work? One thing Weintraub said in his article that I strongly disagree on is “Before we start banning fast food, let’s do more to encourage personal responsibility” because this just shows that he is helping the fast food companies. The companies are being backed up by Weintraub because he doesn’t go against them at all and instead of accusing the companies for selling cheap unhealthy food, he blames the parents for buying the unhealthy

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