Gmo Foods Persuasive Speech

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In my food?...WHY? Do you want to have an allergic reaction every time you eat something that you favor? How about the question why is it going on , how it’s happening, but you’re not eating the food you’re allergic to? What if I say the scientists and factories are genetically putting genes in one organism to another for the past 10 years.I feel this should have an end to it making us American sickly nationwide.
GMOs can cause allergic reactions by modifying often mixes or adds protein that wasn't indigenous to the original plant or animal, causing a new allergic reaction in the body.
According to the Brown University , protein from an organism that you’re allergic to may be added to an organism that you weren't originally to promoting the same allergic reaction experienced by the first organism.
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Gmo foods take just as much effort to grow, meaning that there is no real economic value to growing Gmo foods when compared to non-GMO foods.
?Wait.. majority say these are good for you? Well, let’s just say it’s good and bad for you. Not only does this help you get the nutrients you need, it can also play the significant role in battling malnutrition in the developing world.
In the early 1990s, a plant biologist was busy making genetically modified plants (often called GMOs for genetically modified organisms) as part of the research that led to his PH.D. Into these plants we were putting DNA from various foreign organisms.such as viruses and bacteria. Another reason was that we hardly imagined
That GMOs like ours would be grown or eaten.
Engineering can also eliminate seeds and produce a longer shelf life, which allows for the”safe” transport to people in countries. By doing this some of the consumers can be easy to catch a new disease or get even sickly with the pesticide and

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