Gm Food Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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ADVANTAGES OF GM FOODS World population is increasing day by day which implies scarcity of food will be the major challenge that the world will be facing in the future. Genetically modified foods can meet this rising need. 1)STRONG GROWTH: GMO is typically designed to have a faster growth. It can be grown in any harsh environment; each seed is improved to be stronger and can withstand herbicides and pesticides. In return, farmers can get a better crop yield at the end of the season. 2)NUTRITIONAL CONTENT: The nutritional content of the crops can also be altered providing a denser nutritional profile comparing to the previous generation of that crop. The UN food and agriculture organization has mentioned that rice has been modified to give higher value of vitamin A and it had helped to reduce global vitamin deficiencies. 3)SUSTAINABILITY: Gm foods gives us a constant and efficient ways to feed the growing population in the world. This is…show more content…
This allergic reaction occurs when a certain protein /allergen that is present in gm crops enters the body and arouse immune response. Gm foods are created by inserting foreign genes into organisms. This process can have negative impacts on humans. GMOs have built-in anti-biotic qualities. These enhance immunity in the seeds but eating them can decrease the effectiveness of actual antibiotics 3)CHEMICAL CONTAMINATION: Modified genes in the Biotech food may have human health risks because when genes are altered, some chemicals are used to get certain traits, like for example, to improve the resistance to powerful herbicides. Soybean are genetically engineered to resist herbicides which normally kills all the weeds and different plants in the discipline. As a result, the meals you eat will contain insecticides and herbicides that leads to ruining our health, visual imbalance and leads to most cancers. ECONOMIC
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