Essay On Pros And Cons Of Gmo Foods

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Jayda Webb
Life Orientation – Grade 9
We are what we eat and drink.

SECTION A – Benefits and Problems with GMO Foods
Question 1
1.1 genetic modification
GM Foods
In favour of GMO Foods Against GMO Foods


Pros of GMO Foods Cons of GMO Foods • GM Foods can reduce the number of chemicals used on plants thus reducing the exposure to pesticides • GM
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Teens consume energy drinks which have high amounts of caffeine in it. This leads to dehydration, heat exhaustion and heart problems. Caffeine is known to cause quickening of the heart and this can lead to complications, hence the spike in hospitalizations due to energy drink consumption.
According to the Legal Dictionary ( the term wrongful death means: the taking of the life of an individual resulting from the willful or negligent act of another person or persons. The parents of the teen who died therefore sued Monster Beverages for causing their daughter’s death through wilfulness or negligence.
The article warns parents and teenagers about the dangers of energy drinks. The message is about the various health hazards that lead to hospitalization due to the consumption of energy drinks which contain high volumes of caffeine and folic acid. We as consumers trust the products that’s on the shelves of our local stores, but this article raises the question about how safe these drinks are and makes us wonder why it is still so easily available in the
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15 year old Bryan Shepherd from Toronto died during a paintball tournament in 2008. He had collapsed a few hours after consuming samples of Red Bull which was handed out by Red Bull representatives at the tournament. This happened despite the fact that in Canada, it’s illegal for beverage companies to give these energy drinks to anyone under 18.
An article published by the Daily Mail tells how 15 year old Gina Weaver from England said she started having really bad stomach cramps and headaches which led to her being hospitalized and in need of morphine. Upon hearing that the teen drank “three or four cans a day”, the doctor warned her to stop. Her symptoms have since disappeared and Gina now believes that these drinks should carry proper health warnings.
With symptoms such as anxiety, heart palpitations and even worse heart attacks; I agree with parents who are calling for a ban on the sale of these drinks to under 18’s. Consumers at large should worry about safe levels of these stimulants.

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