Genetically Modified Crops Essay

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INTRODUCTION OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED CROPS Genetically modified crops (GM crops or biotech crops) are crops which are produced by improving in DNA structure by genetic engineering methods. In this technique a new trait is introduced which are not naturally present in plants. They create resistant in crops from herbicide, environmental stresses n pests but also improves nutrition profiles of the crops. Farmers now a days adopting GM crops cultivation. On the basis of records, from 1995 to 2011, total surface area of land included for GM crops cultivation has been increase from 17,000 square acres to 1,600,000 square acres. It was recorded that 11 different transgenic Crops were produced in …show more content…

The first genetically modified crop name FlavrSavr tomato, was firstly approved for the sale in U.S in the year 1994. Likewise many crops were Bt cotton, Bt potato, soya bean, canola oil with modified Oil composition and the golden rice were approved for the sale when scientists improved these foods for increasing its nutritional value. It was done for the improvement in the heath of people in developing countries where food are hardly supplied or crops are not grown due to poor soil texture. But if we see now the present scenario in the U.S, 94% of cultivated areas are soya beans, 96 % of cotton and 93% of corn were genetically modified varieties by 2014. It was done for the benefit for the public health. Almost 70-75% of all processed food in the U.S. are having GM ingredient, according to the survey done on Grocery manufacturers in 2003. This article will deal through the advantages and disadvantages of GM crops on population as well as in the environment which will we discuss briefly in this article by the overall outcomes of research papers, internet sources and study materials on GM

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