Argumentative Essay: Can It Be Genetically Modified Food?

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A corporatist markets off what they know would put them in financial ruin if people found out the truth behind what they claim is bettering the world. Once gathering enough positive claims, they proceed anyway. This is the quintessence of GMO marketing. Now, as the newest generation, millennials are likely to have been fed these genetically modified foods growing up, but have the technology to research and make their own intelligent and informed decision on whether these foods should be continued to be produced and distributed throughout the world. It is not being overly suspicious to not believe a corporation such as Monsanto, the leading agrochemical company, when with minimal research they publicize that GMOs are safe to consume. Basing …show more content…

The proposed goal of GMOs is to increase food production. This will supposedly in turn lower food costs, and make it easier to distribute food to feed poor populations around the world. However research shows that global food production has increased enough to, “feed 10 billion people”, one and a half times more than what we need to feed every single person on Earth (The Huffington Post). And yet with this charming initiative having been accomplished, there are still groups of people going hungry everyday. This is not to say that companies like Monsanto are to blame for leaving people hungry or in poverty, but it questions if their goals are based on true concern. Even if we produce enough food, world hunger is present, because it will remain present as long as there is poverty, not being solved by reducing food scarcity, as there was never a scarcity present. Now having addressed that the production and distribution of genetically modified foods throughout the world is only innovation ruining the future of agricultural production at the cost of others for personal gain, it is safe to say that this should not be continued. This practice will only continue however until newer generations rally against the companies producing them as a force, with the sacredness of humanity and crops and seed being their

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