The Green Monster Analysis

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In the essay “Green monster” who do you believe is his intended audience and why? In “The Green Monster,” James McWilliams informs the reader about GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and the affects it has on animals, plants, farmers and our food. Through multiple illustrations of the affects of GMO, he contends that GMO has various potential consequences, which may in fact be more positive than detrimental to food sustainability. His intended audience seems to be food consumers but more specifically, those uninterested in or wary of products which are genetically modified. This is reflected in his first-person narrative introduction as a consumer interested in a product known as “South River Miso.” He is primarily interested in this product due to it being labelled as “GMO free.” The author is using a food, which is a common interest between all people, in order to strike interest in the audience that they should be more educated and aware of the contents in their food. He purports that “It’s as likely as not that you know GMOs by their stock term of derision: Frankenfoods.”(Envision in depth p.g 351) This sentence in itself, supports my claim that the intended audience consists of general food consumers, of which may be “pro-organic” in their food choices. This is because he …show more content…

However, this is not his only purpose in writing this essay. Additionally, Michael Pollan seeks to reassure the reader that this change will eventually occur and how it will happen. He argues that the food movement of our generation has been successful in changing popular consciousness. However, it has been struggling with shifting, in any impactful way, the “standard American diet,” which he purports has only gotten worse since the 1970s (Envision in Depth p.g

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