Genetically Modified Organism Persuasive Essay

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Between now and 2050, the global population is projected to rise from 7.2 billion to 9.6 billion. Almost all of that population growth will occur in the developing world, where about 870 million people are already suffering from hunger and malnutrition (Van Montagu). The question of how to nourish two billion more people in a changing climate will prove one of the greatest challenges in human history. To meet it, we should embrace an agricultural approach that combines the best features of traditional farming with the latest technology. The current popular attitude against all things genetically modified is totally unfounded, and will prove to be disastrous if used to stifle research and development of new ways to produce more crops in an environmentally sustainable way. The adoption of genetic engineering as a logical next step in the advancement of agricultural technology will enormously benefit society, the economy and the environment. Opposition to Genetically Modified…show more content…
Vitamin A deficiency is highly prevalent in areas like Southeast Asia where rice is the staple food. It is also the leading cause of preventable blindness in children. According to the World Health Organization, nearly 500,000 vitamin A-deficient children in these regions become blind every year, half of them dying within 12 months of losing their sight (Micronutrient deficiencies). A new variety of rice known as Golden Rice was developed to combat this problem. Scientists in Switzerland inserted two genes into rice that switched on production of beta-carotene, a source of vitamin A. A single bowl of the resulting rice can supply 60% of a child’s daily requirement of vitamin A (In A Grain Of Golden Rice). This is a simple solution to a tremendous problem, yet the rice faces opposition from organizations such as Greenpeace which are anti-GMO.
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