The Pros And Cons Of Genetically Modified Organisms

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The next generation of GMOs indicates that new genetic engineering technologies are being sensationalized to address food system challenges. Dana Perls says, “Unfortunately, among other problems, most of these GMO crops led to massive increases in the use of toxic herbicides like glyphosate, a probable carcinogen” (17). Perls uses the term unfortunately to emphasis that there is a problem with most of the crops causes issues due to the toxins. The use of genetic modifications has been racing ahead without taking the time to look for negative effects. The negligence can lead to major consequences that were invisible to these amazed scientists who never took time to rule out all cons of GMOs. The author goes on to say, “Consider the Impossible …show more content…

The authors state, “In an attempt to minimize such uncertainties, many laws, restrictions, and legislations have emerged, and in most countries legislative procedures for the approval of any GM crop used for food or feed now exist” (Udriste and Badulescu 308-309). With this technology in the food industry comes associated risks such as impacts on ecosystem health, such as un-natural gene flow, effects on nontarget species, weediness, and herbicide and insecticide toxicity. There may be positive effects that come from GM foods but Perls adds in the fact that “the early evidence suggests that they may contribute more problems than solutions” (Perls 17). Not only can consuming GMOs affect a person’s health, but it can also affect the world around them without them even knowing. Although some GM foods have negative effects, not all do which is why individual GM food and their safety should be assessed on a specific basis. With all this talk about the safety of GM foods comes questions. For example, what changes have been made? What has the government done about this reoccurring issue? The answer is in the article. The authors add, “The specific issue of labelling of GM food has been addressed by several legal instruments in order to ensure that the final consumer was informed of any change in the characteristic or food property” (Udriste and Badulescu 311). With this, consumers can be sure of how their foods have been changed. Overall, there will be no more guessing if the labels are accurate or hiding

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