Pros And Cons Of Gmos

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Pros/Cons of GMOs GMOs or Genetically modified foods are convenient to manufacture but do you know how GMOs were initially produced or the amount of money you will squander attending the hospital? Not only that, GMOs are a problem considering the net amount of money countries such as the U.S. owe, the insufficient amount of examination that has been accomplished, and then the accidental creation of pesticide resistance weed. Although GMOs help feed everyone which is its intended purpose, little do people know the chemicals in the foods are unquestionably harmful, because of this lack of testing and creation of stronger enemies and destruction of things we need. To commence, GMOs are unacceptable because of the unhealthy chemicals put into it and the amount of debt various countries are in because of it. It is not a case of GMOs not accomplishing what they were designed for it is a dilemma where people are now consuming more, and on top of that ingesting more of the detrimental items since it is in such high demand for their inexpensiveness and “quality”. In addition, “very little testing has been done on GM foods since genetic engineering is a new field, and long-term results are unclear,”(UC Santa Cruz). When reading this people may not even ponder what this could indicate in terms of their …show more content…

Although GMOs have managed to do their job but here has been reasons as to how the chemicals in foods consumed on a day to day basis are unhealthy and unsuitable to live a long and fulfilling life. Now feel more informed about the GMOs dilemma, considering the insufficient amount of examination that has been accomplished and the accidental contamination of food products which posts an issue to the amount of money countries owe to citizens that have been affected. All in all, as of right now GMOs should be the item to think twice about when purchasing it at a local grocery

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