Why Are Gmos Bad

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Have you ever wondered why Kroger`s chicken wings are so HUGE ! It usually takes a chicken 16 weeks to develop but there is a reason the whole process speeds up. That means the food cooperation in the U.S is feeding us chicken that isn`t fully developed. They use Gmos to make our chicken. Gmos are organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a lab through genetic engineering,or GE. This is extremely important because nobody understands why Kroger`s wings are bigger than everyone else. Gmos are harmful to the human body and i have plenty of evidence to prove my point. The first reason i think Gmos are harmful is because it cause sick and dying animals. Sometimes they test this stuff on animals. This can cause some of the animals to become extinct which means the animals will die …show more content…

There will be nomore left on the planet. They all will disappear. This is a extreme conflict that scientist and the world is trying to avoid. The third reason i think Gmos are harmful because it can cause enviromental risks. This could also bother our health too because we eat lots of veggies out of the field. The pesticide and herbicides cause contaminate bugs and thing and they will spread all over the city. For example, bees carry pollen and things but if the stuff in the field is contaminated then that will do a bad thing to the city. I could go on and on about Gmos being so bad but on the other hand there is people who believe that Gmos are beneficial to humans! They say it makes food taste better and they say it forms fewer animals health problems. I disagree with all of this because it has been scientifically proven that these are false statements. To conclude everything, Gmos are extremely harmful for you. They can mess up a lot of your life. They are bad for your health. Even though it can be beneficial to some people, i have my own opinion. Everyone will always disagree with something no matter what the thing is. Thats just

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