Unit 7 Gmo Research Paper

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Written assignment unit 7 (13th October – 19th October) Yes, steps should be taken to minimize the negative impacts of movement of people, food and manufactured goods on human health. Globalization is not something which will vanish or will get slower after some time, it will stay here for long. Currently, we can see the increase in incorporation of different countries and its people, culture, food, trade, within the whole world getting bigger. We should not stop the incorporations but what we can stop is the negative impacts which many items or things carry with them during the movements. “Jean Lanjouw, an economist from Yale University, has argued that we should distinguish between global diseases and other diseases that target poorer …show more content…

Genetically modified organisms help in improving crops, increase nutritious value in plants, increases its life, it has better resistance to diseases, drought or insect pests. I also agree to the fact that sometimes research and development are not done properly on Genetically modified organisms. We are not aware about the facts or figures of how much it is impacting humans. Consumption of GMO food is good or bad for human health. It needs some more time to reach humans for consumption. Yes, I think at present benefits are overshadowing the costs of producing food in this manner. Why because the whole world is looking more towards its benefits and are utilizing it. Explain. • With GMO technique the plants and animals have longer cell life. • The quality of crops is much better as compare it to earlier production. • Crops are now stronger in fighting with diseases and so on. • Earlier, the farmers used to put so much effort and time in growing a crop. But with GMO it takes half of the time to achieve the results. • There were many crops which were seasonal, but today with the help of GMO techniques mostly every food item is available for almost 12 months a

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