The Pros And Cons Of Gmos

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GMOs are a very controversial topic now days. Many people are for and against the thought of genetically modifying organisms. You maybe asking yourself, “What is genetically modifying organisms?” I asked myself the same thing, Genetically modifying organisms or GMOs are organisms whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. Therefore this means that it removes organisms, such as bacteria and virus’, from the DNA of a plant or possibly a animal. Applying GMOs to plant’s does have it’s perks, but not all people are for it. Many people ask the questions such as, “What do they do to my body?” “Are GMOs good or bad?.” Many people have found the good and bad about GMOs, and they have picked their sides on if we should use it or if we shouldn’t. I have done my research and I have picked my side. I have chosen to be for the idea of using GMOs on plants. The positive effects of using GMOs are greater than why we shouldn't use them. One of the main reason I am choosing to use GMO plants is because, they may be able to help the environment. It can do this many ways, one of the ways is that we can grow more food which can feed more people using less land. This solves the problem of starvation. We can genetic modify these plants to where we could produce more food or more ways we can make food. If we genetically …show more content…

Eating natural plants have the same long term risks as if we would eat GMO plants. The main reasons I am for GMO plants is because they can grow more food which would feed more people, while using the same amount of land that we have now, meaning we wouldn´t have to dig up more trees. Also the plants would be able to adapt to weather easier, also leading to more products from our plants, because the plants would be able to withhold droughts and floods. The last main reason I am choosing GMOs is because they might be able to help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the

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