Gmo Persuasive Essay

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Huba 1 Pesticides are commonly used in the farming industry to kill pests. Yet, what many do not know is that pesticides are made of toxic chemicals that can cause many health problems.With this in mind, one may wonder what can we do as a nation to feed ourselves without the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides? There are many natural alternatives to pesticides, that work just as well, if not better. The three main ways to feed a nation without chemically causing health problems are by growing plants organically, promoting stores to sell local food from farmers, and banning GMOs. The first way that we can feed a growing nation without chemically causing health problems is by growing plants organically. What does organic mean? According …show more content…

GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. The reason why genetically modified food is so bad is because we do not know the health risks of GMOs, yet. Although, there have been several tests on animals to see what the possible health problems associated with GMOs. The test results revealed that many of the animals showed signs of organ damage, infertility, and immune system disorders. One of the main health problems that concern many scientists is that the genetically modified organism may pass on mutant genes to bacteria in your GI tract. Yet, we do not know what would happen if the bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract were mutated. Another bad thing about GMOs is that they cross-pollinate with other seeds nearby. Thus, GMOs can contaminate organic and non-GMO farmers crops’. So why are GMOs approved by the FDA if they are so dangerous? The reason why is because America has allowed the Biotech companies that created GMOs to run the independent health and safety tests, which they of course passed. Yet, other countries such as Australia, Japan, and all the countries in the European Union have banned GMOs from their food supplies. In summary, one can see that GMOs have disastrous health effects on

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