Are Gmos Good Or Bad

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People are modifying our food! What is a genetically modified food, and can it be harmful or helpful to the humans because of the things they are inserting into the foods. Most people don 't think twice about a gmo when it is in a commercial or on a cereal box . In this paper, I will inform and explain to you all the information you need to know. So you might ask what is a Genetically modified food and that is what I am going to tell you first. So you might be wondering what on earth is a gmo, what 's the big deal, and I haven 't even heard of it, so what is the big deal? Though I will get to all of that, I first need to let you know what a gmo is. So what does gmo stand for? Then that answer is a genetically modified organism or food. “Are organisms that have undergone some changes to their DNA through genetic engineering” (Reference). Which means it is a food that has had something about its appearance, taste, smell, and much more changed. This isn 't a natural thing to happen either, so why put so much work into changing something, and does that mean it 's dangerous? So you would think how could gmos be dangerous? Now with the question of how are genetically modified food harmful …show more content…

So when I say that some gmos are bad I mean some people get reactions from the foods that have been modified with certain things to make it last longer or something of the sort. So gmos are really nothing new at all really because they have been around for a long time. “GMOs have actually been in our food supply for more than 20 years” (Piedmont). So there could be a risk, but when it comes down to it you could be eating a food that is considered a genetically modified food every day, but it 's not like is makes a difference because you wouldn 't even know if the food you 're eating is modified. So that 's another really important part of gmos to remember, but what are they doing to the foods that makes it sound so abnormal to people? Also when was the first gmo

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