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Results Continued: The purpose of this experiment was to show the transformation of E. Coli with pGLO. We made four different plates each with different additives to compare them to one another, and be able to track the transformation. Initially we had predicted that only one of the four plates would glow. The plate with the plasmid (+pGLO)/LB/amp/ara was the one we said would grow and glow because it contained all the necessary tools to do so. The plate that grew and glowed included the plasmid with the green fluorescent protein (GFP), to make it glow. It also included the resistance gene to ampicillin, as well as the Luria Bertani broth to make the bacteria grow by feeding it, and lastly the arabinose which is in charge of turning on the …show more content…

The plate without the plasmid that contained ampicillin, and the LB broth did not grow because ampicillin is an antibiotic that impeded the growth of bacteria because it killed off. There was no glow because it didn’t contain the green fluorescent protein gene or any other of the components to make it glow. The plate that contained the +pGLO, the ampicillin, and the LB broth was able to grow, because the plasmid provided the ampicillin resistance gene and the LB broth to feed the bacteria, however it wasn't able to glow because no arabinose was present to activate the GFP gene. Another plate that was able to grow was the one without the plasmid and just the LB broth. Finally the plate with all the components, +pGLO, arabinose, ampicillin, and broth was able to both grow and glow because the arabinose (sugar) turned the GFP gene on, the resistance to ampicillin gene was present and that let the bacteria survive and feed on the LB broth which let the culture …show more content…

GMO's are genetically altered organisms made by scientists. By altering the organisms' genetics it could change its size, color, taste, and physical appearance. A GMO is meant to be stronger, better and simply more effective than past generations that haven't been altered. They are more capable of adapting and surviving new environments they wouldn't naturally be able to. For example crops can be made pest resistant, sweeter, bigger, be able to grow faster, be able to grow under any type of conditions rather than having to wait for certain season to get that certain type of crop and even be the new 'edible vaccines'(Scientific American Inc). However, GMO's are controversial because chemicals are used to alter the genetic information of a crop. Those chemicals can increase the risk for certain illnesses, such as diabetes and cancer. GMO's are meant to be the perfect organism, however many factors can go wrong with so much genetic modification since its going against nature (Food Policy Institute 2003). The process of how GMO's are created is through the help of gene transfer technology. The desired gene from another organism is placed in the other organisms genome and they remove the gene that is not desired, what we would call the faulty gene (University of Utah Health Sciences 2015). The University of Utah states that children who have not vaccinated could still develop the necessary

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