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Genetic engineering is changing the DNA code to express different traits. A plasmid is a circular piece of DNA that contains important genetic information. Recombinant DNA is the product after inserting your desired genes. The genes we hoped to insert in the pGLO lab were the GFP gene and the ampicillin resistance gene. GFP was needed so that we would tell if the ampicillin resistance gene had been properly placed when the bacteria glowed under a UV light. The purpose of this lab was to perform a procedure known as genetic transformation which allowed us to genetically engineer E. Coli to be ampicillin resistance. Before the lab we expected that lysogeny broth and minus DNA will have growth but no glow. The lysogeny broth, ampicillin, and …show more content…

Meanwhile, on our LB/amp plus DNA petri dish we had a lawn of bacteria and the color was almost clear. Our results for this petri dish mean that the bacteria was not killed by the ampicillin. Next, in the LB/amp minus DNA petri dish we observed very minimal amounts of growth. These results mean that we correctly followed the procedures because this petri dish was not supposed to have growth due to the ampicillin. Our last petri dish was minus DNA and lysogeny broth, in this petri dish we saw 7 colonies of bacteria and there were a light yellow color. These results mean that we didn’t infect that petri dish with ampicillin from the pipette. Our expectations were both unsupported and confirmed. For example, our minus DNA and lysogeny broth had bacteria growth while our LB/amp/ara plus DNA dish had no growth and did not glow. Some problems that might have occurred in the lab is that we either put too much ampicillin in our LB/amp/ara dish or we could have had all plasma and no bacteria. Something that was difficult for me personally was the disposing of the pipette tips when switching from different substances and pipetting the right amount. These difficulties might have caused me to make mistakes on the amount needed to pipette or the type of substance. Overall, next time I would have made sure to pay closer attention to the pipetting portion of the procedure. Furthermore, we could extend this experiment by trying different kinds of

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